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About Botswana


Located in southern Africa, with Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia as neighbours, the Republic of Botswana has an area of approximately 582,000 square kilometers. Botswana is relatively flat with the Otse Mountains being the highest feature in the country. Most of the hills and rocky outcrops are in the eastern part of the country.


Botswana is arid to semi-arid. The Kalahari Dessert is an area of low and erratic rainfall. Rainfall ranges from 250mm per year in the south-west to over 650mm per year in the north-east. Over 90% of rainfall occurs during the summer months between November and April of each year. Botswana is subject to recurring drought periods and overall is experiencing a decrease in rainfall. Apart from the Okavango Delta and the perennial Chobe and Linyati river systems, the only other surface water occurs in rivers and pans during the rainy season.


The Okavango Delta is fed by rains that fall in Angola collecting in the Cubango River which becomes the Okavango River as it enters Botswana. Floodwaters arrive at the top of the Delta at Mohembo in May and follow well-defined channels in a south-easterly direction in the panhandle and permanent swamps. Floodwaters tend to reach the southern extremities of the Delta around August. The delay in flooding is mainly due to luxuriant vegetation and peat deposits in the upstream permanent swamps that impede the rate of flood flow.


The distance from the river source to the Delta results in the flood period occurring during Botswana's dry period, creating a vast oasis in a harsh desert environment. It is this contrast in environments that makes a visit to the Okavango Delta such a unique and exciting African experience.


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