Specialist air services in the Okavango Delta, Botswana and southern African region

Ground Operations


As part of any good operation it is vital to have a professional support system in place. MACK AIR prides itself on its reliable and efficient service we offer to our clients. From the early stages of the quoting system, to the final stages of the flight schedule and invoicing, every department plays a vital role in the overall quality service MACK AIR offers.


The daily running of our flight schedule is not always an easy task. Many flight routings depend largely on International flights being on time and when these flights are delayed, the schedule has to be re-arranged quickly and efficiently. Good communication is vital for the MACK AIR operation to run smoothly. Our Ground Operation team has direct communication with our aircraft in the sky as well as with the various camps and lodges in the region to ensure that the daily schedule operates efficiently and safely.


Nelly, Sofie, Bosh and Kgaso (Reception and Logistics)

Controlling the busy switchboard is just the beginning of their daily tasks. Meet and greet of clients, applying for International Flight Clearances, advising all companies and lodges of client movements, informing clients of the relevant information and finding lost luggage from International flights is just some of the jobs covered in these ladies busy day.


Gake, Grace and Neo (Reservations)

The quoting and booking system plays a vital role in the workings of MACK AIR. Answering all queries and replying to quotes of the many emails flooding through each day is just part of a normal days work in a charter company. All information is recorded and entered onto Booking Sheets from where our Schedulers obtain all the vital information to process the Flight Schedule.


Kefilwe, Lesedi, Wame, Max and Chombo (Scheduling)

Once a Booking Sheet is completed by Reservations, it is used by the scheduling department to create a workable Flight Schedule. Many different aspects have to be taken into consideration when developing the Flight Schedule such as different airstrip qualities and aircraft capabilities. The schedule is altered constantly due to last minute changes and new booking requests keeping all the schedulers on their toes.


Catherine and Boshana (Accounts)

Catherine and Amanda have the mammoth task of translating the schedule into accurate monthly invoices. With thousands of movements in a month this can be a challenging task.


MD and Ronals (Pilot and Aircraft Management)

All our pilot and aircraft hours have to be monitored. By law pilots may only fly 100 hours per month, 900 hours per annum and on no more than six consecutive days. Our aircraft are subject to stringent maintenance regimes scheduled for inspection every 50 and 100 hours, as well as undergoing annual airworthiness inspections.


Ground Attendants

The final link in our daily operations are our fantastic team of aircraft attendants who are there to welcome you to Botswana, assist you with your luggage and to escort you to your awaiting aircraft.


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